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This is the full-resolution data for NGC 1555/Sh2-239 which contains a ton of Space Dust! It also includes a 28:30-minute walkthrough tutorial video to achieve a beautiful result at the end!


This image is a section from our 6-panel mosaic photograph of the Hyades. It shows an incredible amount of ISM (Interstellar Medium) and this particular section of the mosaic shows both NGC 1555 and Sh2-139.


This raw astrophotography dataset was captured from our telescope under Bortle 2 skies. It totals 8 hours of integration time, and is the perfect dataset + video tutorial combo to learn how to process images with ISM or IFN.


Equipment used:

  • Telescope: Celestron RASA 8
  • Camera: ZWO ASI2600MC
  • Mount: 10Micron GM1000HPS
  • Filters: N/A

NGC 1555 and Sh2-239 with Space Dust - Full Resolution Data + 4K Tutorial Video

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