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Another form of astrophotography is planetary imaging, which is taking photos of planets. This is best done with a planetary camera which allows you to take great images compared to others.

For planets, we recommend different settings than deep-sky objects. We are currently focused on deep-sky astrophotography, but we have managed to take a few photos!

Just like beginner astrophotographers, we're growing our skills so we are aiming to create more content. Visit this page again in the future as we continue to knock out planets and the moon.

How Many planets are there?

There are a total of 8 planets in the Solar System. The planets in order are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

While current scientific data says that Pluto is not a planet, we still added it to our list of planets. Humor us, we're millennials that grew up believing this was the truth.

Charting the course of our backyard space exploration, we have kept Pluto and replaced the Earth with the Sun and the Moon. So, in our planetary imaging pursuit, we have a total of 10 objects on our personal list to capture.

Wix Planets art not annotated.jpg
Wix Planets art annotated.jpg

Planetary Astrophotography Resources

Take a deep dive into each of the planets, and the Sun and Moon in our blog posts. We take a look at the history of these celestial objects, such as the formation, namesake, and space agency missions and efforts.

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