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Astrophotography Books

Books are a great way of learning about the night sky. One of the best ways to learn is by reading physical material, which improves your focus and memory on the subject. We have created several books for astrophotographers, including some that you can even write in! Some Galactic Hunter astrophotography books have digital copies which are cheaper and can be downloaded immediately.

Consider purchasing for yourself or gifting a book to an aspiring astrophotographer you care about.

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Le guid de l'astrophotographe intérieu

A complete guide to help you observe and photograph every Messier object in the Messier catalog. Inside you will learn how to capture all 110 Messier objects, complete challenges, and sketch your findings, and included is a guide for the optimal path for a Messier Marathon!


Find out how to interpret the workbook and the price in our Messier Workbook blog.


Le Guide de l'Astrophotographe est un guide complet des meilleures cibles d'astrophotographie à l'APN de l'année. Découvrez 60 objets du ciel profond qui amélioreront considérablement vos compétences d'imagerie et de traitement.

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Le guid de l'astrophotographe intérieu
The Astrophotographer's Guidebook front cover US low.jpg

The Astrophotographer's Journal

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Early astronomers used to journal about their findings to keep a catalog of their discoveries. Use this portable notebook to record your observations, catalog your photographs, and write down the wonderful memories you experience as you journey into astrophotography.

See a physical copy of the journal in action in this video we created for our YouTube.


Le Journal de l'Astronome Visuel est un carnet de poche créé dans le but de recenser vos observations, dessiner les objets vus, et inclure les merveilleux souvenirs nés de cette passion.

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Journal de l'astronome visuel
Stargazer's Journal Cover Front 68kb.jpg


Le Livre Logique des Constellations