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GALAXY Astrophotography

There are thousands of galaxies out there waiting to be imaged! We've captured many including ones in the Messier Catalog, which has a total of 40 galaxies.

We recommend spending about 4 hours total for each galaxy, and it must be taken in dark skies. It can be a challenge for an astrophotographer to capture galaxies because they are small. 


Check out the articles below to discover more about each object. By clicking on the image, you will find more about how much time we spent on it, the gear we used, and other acquisition notes.

M33 galaxy with NGC 604

What Types of Galaxies are There?

There are four types of galaxies: Spiral, Barred Spiral, Elliptical, and Irregular. Each type has a different look that is unique and impressive for astrophotography images.

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GALAXY Astrophotography Resources

Learn more about how to photograph a galaxy by reading one of our posts below. We explain what gear is optimal to use for galaxy photography, how much time to spend, and provide acquisition details for your reference. 

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