This page regroups all our photographs of Galaxies. There are thousands and thousands of galaxies out there, waiting to be imaged. The Messier catalog, which we are working hard on to complete, contains 40 galaxies.

We usually aim to spend 3 to 4 hours of total exposure on each galaxy. You can click on any of the pictures below and learn ore about the time spent on each, including the gear used and all other acquisition details.

Click on a photograph to read more about the target and know all the gear we used as well as all the acquisition details. We hope this will help you get better images of the galaxies!

How Many Types of Galaxies are there?

There are four types of galaxies known, all of which make for impressive ones for Astrophotography images. Learn more about all the types of galaxies below.  

  • m101 hubble.jpg

    1) Spiral Galaxies

    Spiral Galaxies are the most recognizable of all. Their center bulge is clearly spherical, and the arms have an obvious spiral structure that extends outwards.

    There are 24 spiral galaxies in the Messier Catalog, some of which are the most famous objects in the night sky like the Andromeda Galaxy (M31), the Pinwheel Galaxy (M101) or the Triangulum Galaxy (M33)

  • M95 Hubble low.jpg

    2) Barred Spiral Galaxies

    Barred Spiral Galaxies are similar to Spiral Galaxies, but their core is shaped like a bar. Bars are believed to be temporary, as the center of the galaxy eventually rounds up over time.


    The picture above shows a great example of a Barred Spiral Galaxy, Messier 95, where you can clearly see the shape of the core.

    Our own Milky Way Galaxy is also a Barred Spiral galaxy!

  • M105 NASA.jpg

    3) Elliptical Galaxies

    Elliptical Galaxies are often found in galaxy clusters such as the Virgo Supercluster. They are spherical, often elongated in shape and show no detail whatsoever when photographed.


    These types of galaxies lack the gas and dust that make up for the star formation activity, and do not have any visible arms.

    In short, these are the most boring types of galaxies out there.

  • m82 hubble.jpg

    4) Irregular Galaxies

    Unlike the Spiral, Barred Spiral and Elliptical galaxies, Irregular galaxies do not have a distinct shape. 

    About one fourth of all discovered galaxies are irregular.


    These are often small and often collapsed with larger galaxies in the past, explaining why they can come in any shape.

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