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IC 405 and IC 410, also known as the Flaming Star and Tadpoles Nebulae, are two beautiful and large objects located in the constellation Auriga, approximately 1,500 and 12,000 light-years away from Earth respectively.


This raw astrophotography dataset was captured from our telescope from Las Vegas under Bortle 9 skies, yet the data is very clean thanks to the high-quality filters used and the 30 hours of integration time spent across several nights.


Equipment used:

  • Telescope: Stellarvue SVX130
  • Camera: 61 MegaPixel QHY600M
  • Mount: 10Micron GM1000HPS
  • Filters: 3nm Chroma


We used 3 filters for this object, so you will receive the master files for:

  1. Hydrogen Alpha
  2. Oxygen III
  3. Sulfur II

IC 405 & IC 410 - The Flaming Star & Tadpoles Nebulae - Practice Data

  • Monochrome