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There is no doubt about it, astrophotography is one of the most difficult hobbies out there.

Which is why we created the all-in-one Galactic Course!


No matter your skill level, we've got you covered! The Galactic Course will grow over time and incorporate every aspect of Astrophotography. It includes a LIFETIME membership that gives you unlimited access to current and upcoming content without having to pay extra for "bundles" or "add-ons" in the future!

As of today, the course includes three seasons with a total of 36 chapters and 241 lessons!


INCLUDED in the Galactic Course

All of the workshops listed below are included for FREE in the Galactic Course

Thinkiffic DSLR Poster 60kb.jpg

DSLR + Refractor Imaging

Get your first awesome astrophotography image of a cluster using a DSLR camera and a small refractor telescope!

Thinkiffic MW Beginner Poster low.jpg

Beginner Milky Way

Get your first image of the Milky Way! Learn how to take untracked photos of the bright Summer Milky Way band with easy lessons.

Thinkiffic Timelapse Poster low.jpg


This course will help you create wonderful time-lapses.

Thinkiffic OSC Poster_edited.jpg

OSC + Reflector Imaging

Capture a galaxy using a cooled One-Shot-Color astronomy camera and a Newtonian Reflector telescope!

Thinkiffic MW Advanced Poster low.jpg

Advanced Milky Way

This advanced course teaches you how to take Milky Way Arch panoramas, tracked Milky Way shots, stacking, and more!

Beginner Processing Workflow front page 60kb.jpeg

Beginner Processing Guide

Learn how to process color data and follow along with our PixInsight processing PDF guide!

Thinkiffic Mono Poster_60kb.jpg

Mono + Refractor Imaging

Learn how to image a nebula in Narrowband from the city using a monochrome camera, filters, and a large refractor telescope!

Thinkiffic Star Trails Poster 6 chapters low.jpg

Star Trails

This course will help you master Star Trails photography.

Learn how, when, and where to shoot star trails!

Advanced Guide front page 90kb.jpeg

Advanced Processing Guide

Learn advanced techniques and process monochrome data exactly the way we do it with our Advanced PDF guide!


Premium Perks

Galactic Course What's Included low.jpg

We wanted to make sure that the Galactic Course was an excellent long-term investment. Upon becoming a lifetime member, you will get access to:

  • Community Chat - Access to a private Discord where you can chat with other members and us directly

  • Lifetime Support - Priority Astronomy support for life if you ever need help with anything astro-related

  • Beginner + Advanced Processing Workflow PDFs - Process your images exactly the way we do it!

  • Future Content - for free (new chapters and updates) - Several extra seasons are already planned

  • Gear Coupons - A coupon to save money on astronomy equipment

  • Quarterly Livestreams - Exclusive live streams between members to give each other tips and more

  • Giveaways - Lucky members can earn free prizes during most of our live streams!

  • Prints & Frames Discounts - Receive a coupon to save money on your own prints and custom frames

  • Affiliate Earnings - Earn $50 whenever you refer the course to a friend! Referred 10 friends? Receive $500! There is no limit to how much you can earn.

Gain access to ALL content and perks for life by becoming a Galactic Course Member!

As the Galactic Course grows, new themes will be added which we refer to as "Seasons." 

Each season will have a central theme that may have one or more sections with all the information you will need to know about that subject. The cost for non-members will be affected as more seasons get added, learn more about it in the pricing section.

Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3 are already available.

Best of all, we won't bore you with unnecessary talking, music, or awkward pauses in any of the videos. We created this course with LEARNING in mind and we will only discuss what's crucial to improve your skills.

Our hope is that this course will help you go from a novice to advanced astrophotographer, and save you tons of time and frustration.



This is unlike any other premium astrophotography content on the Internet!

Step into an ever-growing realm of knowledge and learn at your own pace.

Make life-long friends and connections with other members, and get tips from instructors that truly care

about your journey and progress under the night sky.

Be part of something innovative that will grow and stay with you for life.

Horsehead NASA low.jpg


One of a kind! Astrophotography is an intense hobby and it can be hard to know where to start or find the information and help needed throughout the learning process. I had always wished there was an all in one class or course to help lay it all out in the same way I have learned my other photography skills. When I saw this course announced I was super excited and signed up right away. It is very informative and well put together, covering everything a beginner would need to know. Highly recommend.


—  Lachland M. - Sydney, Australia

Thinkiffic Call to Action Poster $489 price.jpg


After researching similar courses, we noticed that many only offered bundled content, forcing you to purchase add-ons to continue learning. On top of that, they do not include any perks!

The Galactic Course offers a lifetime of astrophotography resources for one flat price.

The starting price of this course as of today is $489. The price for non-members will increase each time we add a new season of content. Ultimately, it is expected to reach $799, so be sure to join early and save!

Price history:

Season 1 Pre-Order: $279

Season 1 Release: $349

Season 2 Addition: $469

Season 3 Addition: $489

Be sure to join before the next update!

Antoine and Dalia Drone small.jpg

Your GALACTIC Mentors

Antoine and Dalia Grein with a telescope

Antoine & Dalia Grelin

Deep Space couple

We are a couple from Las Vegas, NV who have been enjoying the dark desert skies for years. Our goal is to motivate people to jump into the wonderful hobby of astrophotography, and help them capture their first images of the night sky!

We want to see YOU progress, and we'll give you every tool you need to succeed! 


Q - Will I have access to the course for an unlimited time?

A - Yes! As soon as you become a member, you will have full access to the course and all the other perks for life! There will not be any additional cost after the initial one time payment.

Q - How does "Support for life" work?

A - We get lots of emails and messages on social media each day from people seeking help in astrophotography. We do our very best to reply to everybody, but it is not always possible. Members of the Galactic Course will have access to our special Discord channel. There, they can either chat with other members or directly contact us through the app, just like a text message! We will prioritize these requests (along with any contact from Patreon members) over our other messages.

Q - Do I need a telescope to use the course?

A - The first Season of the course is focused on Deep Sky Astrophotography with a telescope, so you would need a telescope if you planned on following along. You can definitely go through the lessons and learn along the way without rushing into the imaging part, so the course will still be very helpful to people who do not own a telescope yet. Also, some of the future content that will be added to the course will not necessarily use telescopes, so purchasing the course early at the current low price is the best way to go!

Still have questions? Click HERE to send us an email!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Future of the Galactic Course

As we mentioned above, the Galactic Course will be updated with new content over the years until fully covering every single aspect of Astrophotography.

Currently available:

  • Deep Sky Astrophotography with a Telescope ✅

  • Photographing the Milky Way ✅

  • Creating Star Trails & Time-lapses ✅

Examples of future seasons:

  • Using a Star Tracker to image constellations and deep sky objects

  • Remote Imaging

  • Deep Sky Astrophotography with only a tripod and a DSLR camera

  • Lunar and Planetary imaging

The theme of the next content to come will be revealed a few weeks before its release, but an exact date will not be given until it is 100% ready.

Become a lifetime member now to access all future content at no extra cost!

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